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Environmental, Water, and Natural Resources

As natural resources become ever more scarce, the legal issues surrounding them become that much more complex.

Albietz Law Firm understands the complexity involved in preparing environmental reviews and environmental impact analyses as well as related planning documents.

In the past, Judith Albietz represented 240 defendant landowners possessing water rights in a stream adjudication, hundreds of clean-up and abatement cases, as well as landowners facing California Environmental Quality Act lawsuits affecting hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Judith Albietz also has expertise in the legal aspects of the formation of public entities such as water districts and community services districts.

Albietz Law Firm offers expertise in the following:

Real Property and Land Use

Albietz Law Firm provides legal and mediation services to a wide range of public and private clients, in real property and land use matters, including entitlements and land title. We have expertise in real property transactions, regulation, litigation and administration including:

Federal Indian Tribes and Tribal Law

In its work with Indian tribes and Native corporations, Albietz Law Firm has provided legal and mediation services to thousands of tribal members across the Western U.S. and has worked with them on matters ranging from economic development to government programs. Such services have included:

General Business Law

Albietz Law Firm provides legal and mediation services to private corporations, individuals and public entities, including public utilities, in general business matters including:

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