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Judith Kammins Albietz

Judith Kammins Albietz specializes in mediation and negotiation for individuals, families, businesses, Indian tribes, and public agencies, such as water districts, cities and counties. Ms. Albietz' practice is focused on alternative dispute resolution for matters involving Estates and Trusts, Environmental Law, Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law and general business matters.

Ms. Albietz offers expertise in administrative law and public agency law at both the State and federal level -- utilizing her legal experience as well as extensive upper-management background with the federal government -- offering more than 35 years of experience in mediation, negotiation and consulting.

Ms. Albietz has represented private and public sector clients in complex multi-party dispute negotiation, including asset distribution, public land disputes, and water quality and water rights matters, such as the Putah Creek stream adjudication, where she represented the largest defendant group, 220 landowners.

Ms. Albietz received the Arthur S. Flemming Award, as "one of the top men and women in the federal government," for her work on behalf of Native corporations in conveying 22 million acres of land and addressing water, energy and other natural resource issues in the land transfer process. She appears before California courts, federal district courts, local agency boards, administrative law judges and Indian tribal courts, A recognized authority in the areas of water law and federal Indian law, Ms. Albietz has given presentations and workshops on the following topics:

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